Notion Nanny’s in the House

Continuing on with the promotion of my friends’ events…

ATTENTION all of you Bay Area crafty types (Don’t even pretend like you’re in short order.)

Demonstrate with Notion Nanny at the Berkeley Art Museum (A.K.A. Allison Smith, Grand Marshall of The Muster.)

What: Notion Nanny Day of Demonstrations

When: May 20, 11 am to 3 pm

Where: Berkeley Art Museum

What they want from you: “We are seeking cohorts, collaborators, and co-conspirators for a day of exchanges and demonstrations around the practice and politics of craft.”


About the Project:

This open forum is related to Allison Smith’s Notion Nanny exhibition, part of the Berkeley Art Museum’s MATRIX series of exhibitions. Originally enacted in Britain, Notion Nanny is a collaborative social project in which Allison Smith takes on the role of an itinerant apprentice traveling through rural and urban areas in search of traditional skills and revolutionary dialogue. The genesis of the project came from Smith’s research into the peddler dolls, or “notion nannies,” popularly displayed in British and American households during the Victorian era. Traditionally dressed in a red cloak and holding a basket overflowing with miniature crafts, these notion nannies commemorated the disappearing custom of itinerant traders traveling the countryside, peddling their wares. The exhibition will include a re-creation of a life-size peddler doll in the artist’s own image, whose basket serves as a repository for the wares made by Smith in her collaboration with local artisans and craftspeople during her travels, and offers up larger metaphors and questions assumed notions about art and craft in contemporary life.

See the pretty flier for more details.

(Craft on, bitches.)


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