Catching Up, Facing Up

I passed my final committee review; three more weeks’ worth of revisions before I relinquish the final document and call it an MA. I’ve been ordered by my advisors to spend a few days simply reading toward the project in order to gain distance from it while reconnecting with its central problems. I am working on a rather casual essay in order to “write through” those issues. (For me, always, the only way out of a problem is to work through it, however painstaking the means and regardless of the end.) I’ll post up those thoughts in the next day or so. In the meantime, I’d like to record several gems unearthed during a very luxurious morning spent mining the Internets…

Suffering Fools

Like a proper San Franciscan (transplant!), I don’t own a television. However, Laura Bush appeared on this morning’s Today Show and ernestly stated in an interview with Ann Curry that she and W have suffered the most during the United States’ 4-plus year occupation or Iraq. Here’s the evidence, via the Huff who cribbed it from NBC. Picture me choking on my coffee while narrowly avoiding the utter ruin of my brand new MacBook. Filed under: “beyond egregious,” and “your snappy shade of lipstick doesn’t fool us.”

Please note: Sadly, the above image is not a screen grab from this morning’s performance.

Fascist America in 10 Easy Steps

Naomi Wolf outlines the administration’s ascent to fascist rule. I will list Wolf’s 10-step program here, but please visit the London Guardian for her full essay. Filed under: “remember history lest it be repeated.”

Fascist America in 10 Easy Steps:

1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy
2. Create a gulag
3. Develop a thug caste
4. Set up an internal surveillance system
5. Harass citizens’ groups
6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release
7. Target key individuals
8. Control the press
9. Dissent equals treason
10. Suspend the rule of law

Patriotism in America

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! fame interviewed Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn on April 16th. (Otherwise known in the state of Massachusetts as “Patriots’ Day,” named as such to commemorate the start of the Revolutionary War.) Filed under: see above. Via Alternet.

When In Doubt, Build a Wall

In today’s issue of the Common Dreams newsletter, Sally Kohn calls for the building of bridges as opposed to the 12-foot high, 3-mile long wall Bush has ordered American military commanders to construct in order to sequester Sunni and Shiite communities in the Adhamiya district of northern Baghdad. The New York Times also ran the story several days back. The Berlin Wall seems to be the most widely circulated metaphor for this one, even by the independent media. I however, can’t help but think of the Warsaw Ghetto; Bush’s minions are referring to these areas as “gated communities,” after all. Filed under: “despicable,” “Bentham,” and “Big Brother.”

Turn on, Tune in, Drop out

Vancouver psychotherapist Andrew Feldmar, 66, was arrested while attempting to cross the Canadian border into Seattle when a border guard performed a random search and, upon Googling the scientist’s name, discovered an article he had written in 2001 on his experimentation with LSD nearly forty years earlier. For the full story, please see The Tyee, B.C.’s alternative daily newspaper. This incident is entirely unsurprising, and yet I post it here for several reasons (see my next post). The most laughable among them is the sadly ironic contrast Feldmar’s case poses to this week’s issue of Time magazine, which details the “psychadelic renaissance” rising in the medical community; most specifically, it cites studies by Harvard and the NIMH (even more ironic given Timothy Leary’s dismissal from Harvard in 1963 under the suspicion that undergraduate students had nipped his stash.) Filed under: “No mom, I’m not tripping my ass off in Golden Gate Park.”


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