Workers of the World Unite: CCA 2007 Centennial Graduate Exhibition

As I cross the finish line to Saturday’s graduation, please join me, my MA Visual Criticism class, and all other graduate programs for CCA’s 2007 Graduate Exhibition.

California College of the Arts 2007 Centennial Graduate Exhibition
1111 Eighth Street, San Francisco
May 10–19
Reception: Thursday, May 10, 6pm – 9pm
Exhibition Open Daily, 10am – 6pm


Friends and Compatriots:

David Gurman

David will exhibit the first iteration of his Divine Strike Project. The Divine Strike Project consists of a series of installations that visually and aurally respond to real-time seismic data streamed from the Nevada Test Site. At CCA, a 1908 bronze Meneely bell will be mechanically tolled according to real-time seismic activity captured at the U1a subcritical nuclear weapons test facility at the Nevada Test Site, Nevada.

Lacey Jane Roberts

(fellow department member and duel MFA/VC grad) Lacey will exhibit We Couldn’t Get In. We Couldn’t Get Out, a 10 x 10 foot industrial fence covered in crank knit flourescent pink yarn. Craft Master L.J. will be participating in artist Allison Smith‘s Notion Nanny project as part of Smith’s upcoming exhibition at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.

Eric Scollon

(fellow department member and duel MFA/VC student), Eric will show a series of ceramic fetish objects and one hell of a chandelier, as he describes them here. From his website: “Art objects are useless. Craft objects are utilitarian.”

Harry Muniz

Harry will show his rather impeccable little paintings. While I’m not generally a lover of the paint, he somehow makes it work for me.

Gabriel Teschner

Gabriel will exhibit something that I suspect will involve cut paper. From her statement “Let me not mistake my objective at least, which is to excavate everything… to be the archaeologist of cultural artifacts that do not yet exist or have not yet been unearthed. I propose ample gains for simply inhabiting distant places and foreign ideas, to learn by proximity. Each viewer is a unique parcel of cultural matters and beliefs about the beyond. I work to reveal and reflect these individual perspectives, embracing ambiguity for its power to stimulate imagined truths.”

Christine Wong Yap

Christine will exhibit her “Presents” series along with other works. On the presents: “I see these (absent) presents as half glasses of water. This project is an exploration of materiality and art’s supposed ineffable quality, happiness and failure.”

Props to our allies in the Design department: Nate Davis, Ryan Alexiev, Azuza Oda, and Zara Logue.


Representing the home team, 2006 MFA and 2007 VC grads Michele and Weston both have upcoming exhibitions in San Francisco and LA:

Michele Carlson

Giant Robot San Francisco
622 Shrader Street, San Francisco
In the Shadow of this Fading Light We Waited
featuring the work of Marci Washington and Michele Carlson
May 12- June 6, 2007
Reception: Saturday May 12, 6:30-10pm

Junc Gallery
4017 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles
Immaterial Assemblies
featuring the work of Michelle Blade, Michele Carlson, and Kelly Lynn
May 19-June 10, 2007
Reception: Saturday May 19, 7-10pm

Weston Teruya

Patricia Sweetow Gallery
77 Geary Street (Mezzanine Level), San Francisco
Stop Pause Forward
May 24th – June 30th
Reception: June 7, 4-8 pm


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  1. Jess Brodnax

    I am a bell historian in Troy, NY where the Meneely Bell which will be used in a special demonstration. Could you please tell me where the permanent home of the bell is ? I also would like to now its weight or dimensions.

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