Feeling Good

Just arrived in Brooklyn for a few days’ sojourn with friends J.P. and Tamara. I’m working on a randy little tour guide of Baltimore, a project that I just may extend to cover ye olde Williamsburg, too.

Until I get myself together on that creative front, however, I’ll live vicariously through Tamara’s work. Tam has operated her own shop, Ascender Studio, since graduating from RISD a while back. At this given moment she’s rounding second base in the MFA Design program at SVA, where she is a member of the editorial team for the class blog, CRIT.

These kids aren’t taking themselves too seriously (Swiss-ily?) on the site: Note that CRIT’s most recent post, Holy Hand Job, and More! chronicles the work of Mike Perry, manual master blaster and author of the almost-released Holy Hand Job: A Catalog of Type. And yet it does so by linking to the book’s publisher, Princeton Architectural Press, a whopping seven times in one post. (Kickbacks? I sure as hell hope so.)

So-called “cool hunters” should keep an eye on the site over the coming weeks, as CRIT plans to publish a series of podcasts chronicling the products designed by Tam’s class for their recent exhibition, Serious Fun: Real Issues at Play, which closed on May 25th. Check back for more on Tam’s project, “The Rainbow Agenda;” I need to get my facts straight before outing this one.

In the meantime, have a look at her video. “Feeling Good” (named after Nina’s classic) was designed for Gail Anderson’s seminar, “Just Type.” The mandate was simple: students could work only with type and typographic elements. She also put the ix-nay on color: black and white only! Note the visual progression from old-timey fuzz to neo-geo. Nice.

Oh, and PS: Tamara also won an award for this project: 2nd place in the student division of the annual Type Directors Club TDC53 Typography Competition.


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