Curiosity Cabinet #1: Design Gone Astray

I present this week’s Curiosity Cabinet feature (released on Tuesday, not Monday–I didn’t have time to get to it yesterday, all right? And it’s short, too.) What’s a curiosity cabinet? Read the page above; today’s not a school day.



Because I am totally paying $12 for 24 paper cups that mock gym class victims, Jews, and Eastern Europeans in general (and my perenially handsome Polish dad). Especially at the suggestion of the NYT Style section, and from a company called mxyplyzyk, no less! These designer bitches cribbed from Andy, anyway. Carpo-Rusyn brother felt the pain. [Go get it, sucker MC:]

Andy Warhol
Before and After 3 (1962)



Ted Muehling. Ted. Teddy bear. I know that you’ve been credited as an innovator, the man who first cast deer horns into the candle holders and coffee tables that now grace the likes of Urban Outfitters and the Pottery Barn. Your work can be quite exquisite, I think; I have an eye for beautiful objects, as those who know me will attest. Especially those that are beautifully designed and fabricated. And I will pay for them gladly. But $350 for a ceramic spoon? (Emphasis on spoon). My point has been made. [Go get it, sucker MC:]



Don’t my fucking wallet, motherfucker. Jack Spade might as well ask his mother to embroider this precious saying on the band of his underpants. You know, for when the pickpockets give him a wedgie. I mean, if they’re stopping to read the wallet, why not take the time to engage in some school yard fun? [Go get it, sucker. No, super sucker MC. It’s made of twill!:]


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