The Present Group, Issue #3: Christine Kesler

present group

In this episode of Blowing the Fuck Up… Shouts to Christine Kesler, artist, fellow MICA alum, and new neighbor, who is no doubt experiencing a significant spike in traffic on her own site after today’s link love from Design Sponge. Christine arrived in San Francisco from Brooklyn just under one little month ago, following an epic cross-country trip supported in part by The Present Group, an art subscription service. “The Present Group is like a mutual fund that produces art instead of profits,” states the foundation’s website; for a yearly $150 fee, members receive four limited-edition works made by four different artists. While traversing the U.S. of A. by car and campground, Christine produced over one hundred (scratch that–sixty-five) individual drawings, collectively titled “I Began Building a Piece of Land.”

A real class act, The Present Group has created an interactive online presentation that does true justice to Christine’s work, and to the psychogeographic experience that inspired it. Clicky click-click along Christine’s driving route; upon scrolling over each of her stopping points, a grid of thumbnails pops up. (These are Christine’s drawings, and they will, in fact, become much larger with just another click.) Finally, give a listen to her interview with Present Group founders Oliver Wise and Eleanor Hanson Wise. Very articulate indeed.

Screen shot of “I Began to Build a Piece of Land” courtesy The Present Group

UPDATE: This project has also been featured on Rhisome. Rah rah rah!


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One response to “The Present Group, Issue #3: Christine Kesler

  1. well… it was really only 65 drawings, rather than 100+. but do go see/hear what i’ve done and let me know your thoughts. if you subscribe to The Present Group now, one of the drawings can be yours as a back-issue and you can be part of the raw body of america that helped me create this work.
    and thank you sarah for blogging me the fuck up! much love, christine

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