Curiosity Cabinet #3: Mustaches of the 19th Century

Behold Mustaches of the 19th Century, “The one-stop blog spot for your nineteenth century mustache needs!” This onenietzsche-785802.jpg came at me through a party invitation issued via the interweb by a contingency of Berkeley grad students who hold a vague obsession with All Things Mustache Related. This site very well could be authored by one of them; the Rhetoric department tends to cater to dead white men. Otherwise, assuming that Mustaches of the 19th Century hails from SF (and I’d like to think— no, I do think it does) I believe that its Site Administrator is either A. an employee of Paxton Gate or B. Herbie Hatman. You know who you are.

Other curiosities of note: Classifications (i.e. Categories) include African Explorers, Mustache Derangement, Competitive Mustache, and Dapperness. Of Friedrich Nietzsche (pictured right) quoth the blog: “When you gaze long into his mustache, his mustache gazes into you…”

Indeed it does.


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